At Momentum Africa, we have a long-term investment horizon and focus on value creation. We invest in undervalued companies and their people, and help them to realize their growth potential.

We partner with our portfolio companies to help them become industry leaders. We believe competition makes the global economy more dynamic and more efficient, which enables companies to succeed long-term in the globally competitive marketplace.

We encourage our companies to focus on the future through prudent capital investment, innovation, brand positioning, R&D, new product development and marketing, Human Resource development, improved operations and appropriate strategic acquisitions.


Momentum Africa is committed to promoting and developing a strong portfolio of companies in Zimbabwe and throughout Africa. This will be achieved through the following:

  •  Creating strategic partnerships with other businesses, Institutional and high net worthy investors.
  •  Constituting a sound business with efficient operational policies.
  •  Establishing a credible company profile with traceable references.
Why invest in Africa
  • The risk and volatility in Emerging African markets has been reduced coupled with the low correlation with global markets and this has presented the potential for diversification of investments with higher returns.
  • Growth potential in all sectors of the economy driven by the vast resources found in Africa and the insatiable appetite for debt and equity.
  • The political situation in Africa is improving, making it possible for governments to invest in social and economic development.
  • There has been an improvement and stability in the macro-economic environment.
  • The emerging African market will offer higher expected returns than the developed and fully intergrated financial markets.